Crane & Industrial Equipment Rental

With the new Liebherr 200 DR 5/10 Litronic Derrick Crane being added to Legions inventory we can help with any of your high lifting needs. While this Liebherr DR200 is specifically designed for tower crane removal from high buildings, but we can easily perform other vital building needs such as HVAC replacement, roof replacement projects such as constructing a green roof, or any other high lifting needs you may have.

The Liebherr DR200 has the ability to assemble / disassemble itself within a surprisingly small area. Additionally the Liebherr is a completely modernized computer controlled piece of equipment with many safety limiting features along with primary and secondary braking systems for both the hoisting and luffing winches. These many safety features allow for man basket work that will meet or exceed BC OHS regulations. Lastly considering the hoisting speeds that this Liebherr has, we offer customers an extremely efficient solution to time sensitive projects.

Perfect for a vast array of high lifting work including:

  • HVAC Systems
  • Green Roof Initiatives
  • Roof Replacement
  • Movie Set Applications

Crane Assembly & Maintenance Services

Legions can assist with your erecting, dismantling, inside & outside climbing, service & maintenance of hammer head, luffing cranes, and overhead cranes. We are more than happy to work with our clients.

Legions has worked on projects overseen by companies such as;
FlatironDragados JV, Ellis Don, PCL, Graham, Frontier-Kemper Constructors ULC, Concord Pacific, Scott Construction and Ledcor to name some of the larger companies we have worked with.

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