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250 Amp Stick Welder

The Idealarc® 250 is the classic workhorse of the Lincoln Electric stick welding power source line. It produces up to 300 amps of brute AC welding strength and 250 amps of smooth DC welding performance.

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  • Outstanding arc stability and built-in stabilizer – Provide popout-resistant welding with all AC electrodes
  • Versatile welding range – With up to 300 amps AC and 250 amps DC
  • Suitable for use with every type of electrode – Including low hydrogen, stainless steel, hardfacing, aluminum and bronze
  • Easy set-up and operation – Full range continuous current control dial with current indicator for exact heat required for each job
  • Change polarity – With a twist of the wrist –– AC, DC+ or DC-
  • Stackable case design – Allows machines to be stacked 3 high to save valuable floor space
  • Fan-cooled – For extra thermal protection

Serial no. 11100 U1060305383. Contact Us for pricing.

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