Liebherr KFA 3000-70 Crane Conveying System

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Used in a Vancouver Tunnel Construction Site, the Liebherr KFA 3000-70 Crane Conveying System is truly ONE OF A KIND with only one ever made with 140mt lifting capacities. Designed and created for the sole purpose of automatically conveying extracted materials from a tunnel work face to the surface.

Designed in such a way that, using two lifting installations arranged independently of one another, excavated material in batches of 70 tonnes each can be conveyed, eight times an hour from a depth of 185 Metres automatically / semi-manually.

As well as this, there is also the possibility with this crane conveying system for both lifting installations to be synchronized with one another in such a way as to allow for a maximum load of 140 tonnes to be accommodated on the hook.

This then makes it possible for units of the tunnel driving machines pre-assembled on the surface to be lowered in one piece into the start cavern.
As work progresses, the crane conveying system is separated and the detached parts assembled at the destination shaft of the tunnel, where it can then be put to service at the foot of the shaft at a depth of some 270 Metres.

Despite this being a very special Crane designed for Tunnel Construction Sites: The KFA 3000-70 was designed in such a way that to a large extent standard components from the Liebherr modular system from a number of different tower cranes can be used with only minor modifications, or even none at all. Making this crane very easy to use in other applications.

Serial No. 44.027.

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Adapter Plates for attaching upper over-head crane to tower. Easily modified to work with various tower types.

Additional parts that come with purchase.

Additional Information:

  • This Liebherr KFA 3000-70 is fully functional
  • A large assortment of extra parts are included with this purchase that you will find very useful (Images Within Container)
  • Easily modified to work with any suitable tower and can be used in many different applications./li>
  • Presently compatible with standard 256HC Liebherr tower
  • Presently stored in the Vancouver B.C Area

Job Report Promotional Material by Liebherr & Partial System Manual
Liebherr KFA 3000-70 Crane Conveying System Promotional Material
Liebherr KFA 3000-70 Crane Conveying System Manual

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