Godwin HL130M Dri-Prime Pump

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Made in the U.K is one of the best High-Head Pumps available on the market: The Godwin HL130M Dri-Prime Pump.

The Godwin Dri-Prime® HL130M pump offers flow rates of up to 1,500 US GPM (340 m³/hr) and has the ability of discharge pressures up to to 273 psi (191 m).

The HL130M is able to automatically prime itself up to 28 ft (8.5 m) of suction lift. With automatic or manual starting/stopping being an option with the mounted control panel or optional wireless remote access.

High discharge pressure, dry running and portability make the HL130M ideal for handling sewage, slurries and liquids with solids found in tough mining and industrial pumping applications.

It currently is fitted with a 6 Inch Intake & 4 Inch Outtake.
Serial No.0335079/05

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  • Caterpillar C-9 Diesel engine
  • Skid mount incorporating integral overnight running fuel tanks

Current Condition & Current Layout:

  • All repair work performed at:


    Pump hasn’t been used since being repaired & rebuilt. Comes with paperwork to verify, all parts work and have been tested.

  • W40.35.0183 Godwin Prime Guard Panel
  • Cat C-15 COL 24117 Cole Hersee Solenoid Relay
  • 8D-MHD Industrial Battery
  • V8D-7 OIL 5W40 Oil 5W-40 Synthetic Liter 4
  • Donaldson Oil Filter
  • Donaldson OF (FL-326)(LFP4005)
  • Donaldson Primary Fuel Filter Spin On
  • Donaldson Fuel Filter
  • Donaldson AF DPC-300 Quincy Comp
  • Donaldson Air Filter-Duralite
  • Cat Fuel Filter 1R0771
  • ECM Engine control Module
  • 2642354 Harness AS-Control J1 Plug and harness
  • B70 Gates Belt – Compressor for HL
  • Antifreeze Gallon Gal 8
  • Included Muffler
  • CAT3261006 Fuel transfer pump
  • New Rebuilt Starter

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